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KOTOR, OLD BAR AND TARA CANYON (Sept 2008)  photos

For such a small country, Montenegro has a lot to offer. There are mountains, canyons, fjords, old towns and ruins, you name it. We counted around 40 tunnels on the first day alone. It says something about the type of terrain found in Montenegro. The most beautiful part of the trip was driving from Centije to Kotor. Steep mountains and deep valleys, together with autumn colors were awesome. It got even better when we caught the first glimpse of the Gulf of Kotor. It is the deepest fjord in southern Europe and we had to stop every few minutes to take it all in. Really it's not a fjord because it wasn't carved by a glacier, but it looks like one, and that's how it is referred to. The road leads down in numerous switchbacks all the way to Kotor. This picturesque town has the most dramatic setting, between the water of the Gulf and huge mountain walls. The old town is unforgettable, with it's labyrinth of narrow, cobbled streets and ancient churches.

The coast is nothing short of spectacular. There are rocky cliffs and small beaches. We didn't have good weather to enjoy it fully, but just driving along the coast is a pleasure. We stopped in Sveti Stefan and the Old Town in Bar. The ruins of Old Bar are in an isolated and beautiful setting amid mountains. It took 2 hours to walk around, have a close look at old houses and churches, and even find some figs growing on trees. Very tasty!