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I decided to make a detour to Paraguay when I found out about a change in visa requirements.  Since I didn't need one any more, I thought I should go.  At the border crossing to Ciudad del Este I run into trouble.  The immigration had no idea about the change.  I showed them an official letter stamped in the embassy in Buenos Aires.  After about 10 minutes they decided to let me in.  

I went straight to the capital, Asuncion.  The road was reasonable.  In Asuncion I visited a few interesting places, like Palacio del Gobierno, and took a boat across the river to the village of Chaco-I.  It was a different world.  Quiet, chickens in the middle of the road. People were friendly and curious to see a foreigner.  I remember how sad I made one guy when I told him I only had a week for Paraguay, and 3 months for each of it's neighbors.  I went on to visit Jesuit ruins in Jesus.  It has been restored and is worth a visit, but I was the only person there.  Jesuits were building a church but got thrown out before finishing this impressive project.  The walls are still there, with the roof missing.  That day I went back to Brazil.