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USA 2008


Traveling in the US has never been cheaper for foreign visitors.  This year, my brother Chris and I managed to spend 3 weeks driving around the country.  We set off from Chicago in the evening.  We drove through Iowa and Nebraska, arriving in Utah about 20 hours later.  Our first stop - Arches National Park.  That evening we went to see Delicate Arch (the most beautiful of all natural arches in the Park).  It was quite windy and as a result the air was not clear.  The next day haze disappeared, and we could marvel at many natural arches found in the area, best seen in the morning or in the evening, when it's not too hot.

The following day we drove south.  We took a detour to visit the beautiful Valley of the Gods, full of tall rock formations sticking out of the barren valley floor.  A short drive further south, another marvel awaited.  It was the Goosenecks State Park, where San Juan River meanders inside it's deep canyon, turning 180° three times in a row!  Further south, a typical Wild West scenery unfolds in the Monument Valley, right on the Utah - Arizona border.  That's where Navajo tribal land starts, and covers much of Arizona.