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I decided to make a detour to Paraguay when I found out about a change in visa requirements.  Since I didn't need one any more, I thought I should go.  At the border crossing to Ciudad del Este I run into trouble.  The immigration had no idea about the change.  I showed them an official letter stamped in the embassy in Buenos Aires.  After about 10 minutes they decided to let me in.  

I went straight to the capital, Asuncion.  The road was reasonable.  In Asuncion I visited a few interesting places, like Palacio del Gobierno, and took a boat across the river to the village of Chaco-I.  It was a different world.  Quiet, chickens in the middle of the road. People were friendly and curious to see a foreigner.  I remember how sad I made one guy when I told him I only had a week for Paraguay, and 3 months for each of it's neighbors.  I went on to visit Jesuit ruins in Jesus.  It has been restored and is worth a visit, but I was the only person there.  Jesuits were building a church but got thrown out before finishing this impressive project.  The walls are still there, with the roof missing.  That day I went back to Brazil.


Brazilian side of Iguasu offers a panoramic view of the Falls.  Paths lead through the forest where I came across a very poisonous coral snake.  There are crowded viewing platforms from where the whole splendor of Iguasu Falls can be appreciated.  On sunny days small rainbows appear making it even more beautiful.  After coming back from Paraguay I took a bus to Florianopolis.  From there I went by local bus to a nice little village of Barra da Lagoa.  It has a long beach probably packed during peak time, but when I was there it was quiet.  The last city I visited during my year-long adventure was Rio de Janeiro.  It spreads along the coast, with many world-famous beaches and rocky hills rising suddenly up to 700m.  The highest mountain, Corcovado, is home to the statue of Cristo Redentor.  It's visible from almost anywhere in the city, standing 700m above it.

From Rio I went to Sao Paulo, straight to the airport.  I boarded a plane bound for London and my year-long journey came to an end.    photos