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When I returned to La Paz I had a fake police incident.  First a guy claiming to be a tourist from Ecuador came up to me asking for directions, then another guy showed his officially looking card.  I was so stupid, I gave him my passport and got into a taxi with them.  They stopped in a quiet street and the other "tourist" was searched, I guess showing me how to behave when my turn comes.  By then I knew something was wrong (why did it take me so long?)  So I had my pepper spray ready and refused to give anything.  They probably decided I was too much trouble so he said I could go.  Lucky again! Just a warning this time.

I went climbing (with a guide for a change) 2 mountains in 3 days, Pequeño Alpamayo 5,370m and Condoriri 5,648m. Alpamayo was steep but OK. Condoriri a different story, the most difficult climb I have ever done. From 2am at night long and steep walk to reach the glacier, then many dangerous crevasses. From there ice and rocks, 60-70 degrees, and long traverse at the top. But we made it to the top, very lucky with the weather, great views. I was not acclimatized well for this climb and I suffered like never before. I was just so tired for no reason, all I could do was move my legs. I pushed myself to the limit. It was possible because I had a guide with me, otherwise I wouldn't have risked like that.