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VENEZUELA - THE LOST WORLD OF RORAIMA part 2 (April 2007)    photos

The next morning we went exploring the north end of the mountain.  We managed to follow a vague trail to reach the end of Roraima, where normally a fantastic view opens up.  But it was cloudy for us, so we had to go back and try not to get lost.  All rocks look the same everywhere around and I admit that having a guide is a good idea.

In the afternoon we went to the highest point of Roraima, the Maverick.  From there, looking down on the seemingly endless expanse of Gran Sabana, we could appreciate the beauty of this very special place.  There are 2000 species of plants identified on Roraima, and half of them are endemic! (don´t exist anywhere else on Earth)

Day 4 was sunny from the begining.  We joined the group and followed a path full of crystals to the clear water pools called Jacuzzi.  From there, it was not far to The Window, where the mountain abruptly ends and a stunning view opens up on the nearby Kukenan tepui and the jungle below.  On the way back we crossed the flat plateau again and went south.  Walking there is more difficult because of rocks and deep canyons.  In one of the canyons thousands of Oil birds sit on eggs in pairs.  When one is tired, the other one takes over.  We entered 2 of many caves found in the area but not too far, as specialist equipment is required.  It was hard to crawl through some of the narrowest places, and it takes 7 hours to reach the exit on the other side of the mountain.

The following day we packed and left our beautiful home.  Unlike anyone else coming to Roraima, we didn´t have transport waiting for us in the village of Paraitepui.  We had to get a lift or walk 30km on a hot, dusty road.  The next day was a market day and 2 communal jeeps take villagers to town in the morning.  This was our chance, but we had to make it to Paraitepui in one day.  It was going well until it got dark, when we must have taken a wrong turn.  We didn´t know where we were, after crossing 2 rivers and going down instead of up.  Fortunately, soon after we saw the lights of the village, and the next day we were back in civilization where shower and good food awaited.   photos